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Are you looking for a unique Healthy Hiking Spa Vacation with an emphasis on Rejuvenation?
Join us as we Travel the Worlds most Scenic Natural Landscapes!
"take a slice of paradise, some good heart-pumping hikes, a teaspoon of Yoga and meditation, healthy food and some inspiration . . .
you get the perfect blend of fitness and adventure!"

Ageless Active Vacations for fitness enthusiasts of 55 years and over
Far off places calling you?

What a fantastic time to discover more of yourself and our beautiful planet!

If you are journeying into the world as an active,
vibrant traveler, a high priority should be maintaining
a focus on health, and by doing so you are sure to
enjoy wellbeing and vitality.

There is no greater reward than the benefit we
receive from the discipline and effort of following
daily healthy guidelines. Even when traveling, we
can do this. The third life chapter doesn't necessarily
mean slowing down, but a time to relish these
vibrant years to truly discover yourself and embrace
a quality of life that generations before never
dreamed possible.  True happiness comes from
the joy of deeds well done and the zest from
creating things anew. Let us uplift our spirit and
awaken our passions!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance
you must keep moving” - Albert Einstein

Many boomers and retirees are looking to combine adventure travel and fitness opportunities that get results, with appropriate trail hikes for stamina and ability. It was in meeting the demands of age-appropriate, safe, and effective travel that I created Ageless Active Adventures - a specific program within my global adventure company - that offers a fitness-adventure-spa program with an emphasis of rejuvenation, geared to promote a foundation of health and wellbeing for an active, long life. Our ultimate goal at Ageless Active Adventures is to help boomers and seniors prolong healthy longevity and independence. You will learn empowering new ways to optimize your body's health and sense of vibrant wellbeing, while absorbing the cultural heritage of our carefully chosen locations. 

cornwallSo, with Ageless Active Adventures there is one notable difference – your group participants will be shining examples of the "ageless attitude." We encourage you to bring your own group of friends, individuals who, like you, celebrate life every day and are committed to ongoing movement and growth.

Destinations are scheduled at the best time of year for weather, greenery, wildflowers or fall colors, festivals and cultural events, minimal bugs and best animal viewing. At each location we offer nature trail walks and wilderness hikes with optional mountain trails. All hikes improve eye-foot coordination, cardio strength, agility and stamina, confidence, and balance. We include yoga stretch classes, upper body muscle toning with rubber bands, and abdominal strength training for a strong aligned posture.

Immersing people in nature and the wilderness has always been a great catalyst for quieting the mind, reprioritizing values, and elevating oneself to a higher personal level. Our fitness enthusiasts receive cutting-edge longevity information on wellness philosophy and nutrition principles, which supports them to pursue high quality health goals. Guests stay in unique, upscale accommodations, enjoy natural cuisine (prepared by a gourmet health-food chef) and optional late afternoon and evening massages.

cornwallNo two Ageless Active Adventures are alike, and each location offers a unique cultural fitness adventure. Participate in temple ceremonies on the island of Bali, snorkel and kayak the clear turquoise waters; hike the lush nature island of Dominica to waterfalls and hot-springs, explore the Himalayas of Bhutan, attending national dance festivals and visits with monks. Choose from our many magical destinations throughout India. Let us custom-design your perfect SpaFari in Africa to see the Big Five, plus visits to Maasai or bushman villages and their handicrafts, also an optional balloon ride at sunrise; choose from South Africa and Cape Town, Kenya, Samburu, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Serengeti, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, and more…

Explore prehistoric Native American ruins in Sedona and experience a medicine wheel ceremony. Ferry across Lake Como to hike the Alps and Dolomites, visit neo-classical villas and botanical gardens. Explore the Peruvian Incan Empire, meditating at the ruins of Machu Picchu, and experience peace and tranquility of the Andes. Visit historical English castles and gardens with walks on the moors and sea cliffs of Devonshire and Cornwall. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Rockies and culture of Aspen, Colorado, the elegant old world Spanish style charm, high mountains and ocean of Santa Barbara, California. On specific trips we offer additional optional activities such as kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, sailing, biking, horse riding, balloon rides and classes in photography, art, language and cooking.

cornwallSo while you’re imagining an adventure in paradise, don’t forget your camera, backpack, sun protective clothing and hat, swimsuit, raingear, hiking boots and a journal to write your inspirations. Sageing is a wonderful time to spread your love and wisdom, knowledge, experience, inspiration and deep thoughts with younger generations.

Another option on our international trips can include traveling with a focus of philanthropy. Our mission at SpaFari is to connect people and communities from around the world at the heart. We offer an intense personal discovery (an education - not an obligation), while you are enjoying the luxury of an exotic Ageless Active Adventure.  If you have ever wished to explore the world while assisting those who are less fortunate, this is a life-changing experience, helping you connect with and optionally fund the people, the communities they serve, and help heal or maintain the environments in which they live. For example: A small donation from you can provide wells and pumps, nutritious food options, planting, chickens and goats, schools and supplies, clothing and shoes, or a support for ministries and orphanages. There are many options and destinations to choose from.

Live fully present each moment and embrace your precious age, because right now is the oldest and the youngest we'll ever be.

For additional information on our Ageless Active Adventures, please give us a call direct (970) 452-9339 or send us an E-mail:

We would be delighted to adventure with you soon!

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Kristina Hurrell 
SpaFari - The Adventure Spa

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