Are you looking for a unique Healthy Hiking Spa Vacation with an emphasis on Rejuvenation?
Join us on a Fit-Trip as we Travel the Worlds most Scenic Natural Landscapes!
"take a slice of paradise, some good heart-pumping hikes, a teaspoon of Yoga and meditation, healthy food and some inspiration . . .
you get the perfect blend of fitness and adventure!"


SpaFari Body and Soul Newsletter
Dear Friends,
May your year bring you Joy, Radiant Health and Adventure
May you know Peace and Prosperity
May your Mediation Practices grow and thrive.

"Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God."

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing with You my rejuvenating SpaFari Adventures!
with Love, Kristina Hurrell

I have listed below a beginning guide to help you with a daily Meditation Practice.
Firstly, it is imperative to consciously create a peaceful space for your precious alone time. 
Whether it be on a hike in nature, in your home, or away from home.
Find a peaceful place away from any disturbance (street noise, children, phones), and if necessary, use environmental type CD'S, soft music, or complete silence.

If you would like to create a beautiful Meditation Room for your home, please contact me,
 Kristina Hurrell, at Sacred Sanctums. Telephone: 970-927-2882 or email:  

Here are a couple of Websites for Meditation CD's:   "Yoga" CD.  Deep Meditative, Alpha, Beta CD's

A meditation room works best if the space is uncluttered and has some plant greenery.  Find a comfortable pillow (and if necessary a back rest), keep your spine straight, and relax your shoulders and face muscles. Lift your sternum. Take deep breaths and let the mind grow still ... 
Pay no attention to your thoughts....let them drift quietly away....
With each deep peaceful inhalation allow your body to relax. With each long exhalation allow your body to release its stress.
As your body relaxes and releases stress, feel your heart open.
As your heart opens, feel yourself receiving greater Peace, and a greater sense of well being.

Write or journal the positive affirmations you have for your day. Nourish your soul at night by listening to, or reading, inspiring passages before you asleep. 
Thank God each evening for the blessings and lessons you received that day. 

These practices will help you instill a focus. You will be able to consciously create your life with God. You will get to know Him as your protector and guide. 

also suggest having a library of inspirational and motivational books, such as:
The Bible, Divine Guidance, Spiritual, Personal Empowerment, Healing, Female Studies-Male Studies, Philosophy, Prophesy, Self Help, Nutritional/Wellness, Detoxification, etc.

I have listed just a few examples of various faith books for you to consider (and would love to hear from you with other suggestions):

       Rick Warren: The Purpose Driven Life
       NIV Study Bible
       The Holy Scriptures.
       Ken Blanchard: We Are the Beloved A Spiritual Journey.
       C.S. Lewis: Mere Christianity.
       J. Jenkins: Left Behind.
       Frank Pieretti: Spiritual Warfare.
       Lorry Basham Jones: Hearing God.
       Bill Hybeis: Faith in the Real World.
       Joan Brady: God on a Harley (a fun little book). 
       Hanna Hurnard: Hinds Feet in High Places.
       Laurie Beth Jones: Jesus, CEO Using Ancient Wisdom for visionary Leadership.
       Harold Kasimov, John P. Keenan, and Linda Klepinger Keenan: Beside Still Waters: 
       Miriyam Glazer: Dancing on the Edge of the World
       Charles Samuel: Missiles, Masks & Miracles
       Shiman Apisgorf: Judaism in a Nutshell.
       Shiman Apisgorf: God.  Holidays
       Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations With God.
       Joseph Cornell: Listening to Nature.
       Earnist Holms: This Thing Called Life & Creative Life.
       Joseph Campbell: The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
       Thomas Moore: Care of the Soul.
       Marianne Williamson: *many books. A Course in Miracles.
       Robert Rabbin: Invisible Leadership Igniting the Soul at Work.
       Daphne Rose Kingma: The Future of Love.
       Eckart Tolle: The Power of Now.
       M. Scott Peck, M.D.: The Road Less Traveled.
       Ellas Amidon: Earth Prayers. Life Prayers.
       Epictetus: The Art of Living.
       Melody Beattie: Journey to the Heart
       Leo Tolstoy: A Calendar of Wisdom
       Diane Dreher: The Tao of Inner Peace.
       Deepak Chopra: Perfect Digestion the Key to Balanced Living, the Path to Love, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.
       Robert Fritz: The Path of Least Resistance.
       DInazo Nitobe: Bushido.
       Rumi:  The essential Rumi
       Sri Nnisargadatta Mahari: I Am That.
       Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim: Seven Steps to Inner Power
       Swami Chetanananda: Will I be the Hero of my Life.
       Paramahansa Yogananda: Manís Eternal Quest.
       Chidvilasananda: The Yoga of Discipline. Choose to be Happy. Swami

       Henry Blealer: Food is Your Best Medicine, Natural Way to Sexual Health.
       Barry Sears, Ph.D.: The Zone Diet.
       Dr. Peter J. DíAdamo: Eat Right 4 Your (blood) Type.
       H.E. Kirschner: Live Food Juices.

Ignorance Causes Mistakes by Foster Hibbard
It would be a great blessing if you and I could assume the attitude that every mistake each of us makes is based upon the information and wisdom that we have acquired up to that
moment. In other words, all mistakes are based on ignorance. Had we known better, we would not have made any one particular mistake. Any mistake we have ever made in our
lives was based on information and wisdom we had accumulated up to that moment. Everybody is doing his or her best at all times. If we were wiser, we would not make mistakes. I am
completely convinced that everybody on earth is constantly acting upon accumulated information. I believe, therefore, we are set free from feeling the need ever again of accusing
anyone of anything.

Increasing Lifeís Abundance by Foster Hibbard   
We are all seeking an increase in one or more areas of our lives. We may want an increase in love, in health, in career success or in prosperity. Because of this desire for increase, joy is extremely important for it has been called the first law of increase in the Universe. Joy is the key which enables an endless avalanche of abundance to pour into our lives. The totality of love, health, success and money that we now have is the result of the degree of joy that we have experienced in our lives up to that moment.This means that at any moment of any day we can begin to express more joy and, thereby, increase the flow of abundance into our lives.

I WILL OFFER UP - By Matt Redman  
I will offer up my life
In spirit and truth
Pouring out the oil of love
As my worship to You
Jesus, what can I give, what can I bring
To so faithful a friend, to so loving a King?
Saviour, what can be said, what can be sung
As a praise of Your name
For the things You have done?
Oh, my words could not tell, not even in part
Of the debt of love that is owed by this thankful heart
You deserve my every breath
For You've paid the great cost;
Giving up Your life to death
Even death on a cross
You took all my shame away
There defeated my sin
Opened up the gates of heaven
And have beckoned me in


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