Are you looking for a unique Healthy Hiking Spa Vacation with an emphasis on Rejuvenation?
Join us on a Fit-Trip as we Travel the Worlds most Scenic Natural Landscapes!
"take a slice of paradise, some good heart-pumping hikes, a teaspoon of Yoga and meditation, healthy food and some inspiration . . .
you get the perfect blend of fitness and adventure!"

Questions & Answers

1. What is a typical day with SpaFari?

2. What gear do I need to bring on my SpaFari?

3. I'm coming alone. Will I be out of place? What is the ratio of singles and couples?
The majority of our clients come alone!
Ratios are typically: 60% alone, 20% friends, 20% couples.

4. What is the typical ration of Men to Women guests?
Approximately 60% Women to 40% Men (men love these trips because we offer flexibility, challenging high adventure & optional outside activities)

5. Will I be with people of my own age?
. Each trip is typically comprised of people ranging in age from mid 20's to late 50's. Approximately 60% of the group are between 30's and 40's. We also offer specialized trips for Ageless Actives over 60 years of age -- these trips are modified versions of the regular SpaFari trips and include more of our cultural explorations.

6. Will I be able to do my own thing rather than getting up at 6:30 am or hiking?
. Whereas you are free to partake in all the activities or not, in order for you to reap the maximum benefits from Detoxification, De-stressing, Weight-Loss and total Rejuvenation on your SpaFari Adventure, Spa-Fari -- we highly recommend that you 'show-up-fully' and participate in the whole program. By making this commitment, you will feel absolutely fabulous!

7. I hate feeling hungry. Will there be enough food? What is the food like?
. SpaFari offers balanced carefully designed meal made with the freshest natural ingredients, to maximize energy, vitality and clarity. Our philosophy is the 'Hunter--Gatherer', low carbohydrate diet, which consists of protein (organic tofu/tempeh, fish, chicken, nuts and seeds) vegetables, salads, legumes and fruit, which minimizes hunger between meals. However, if you are not on a specific weight-loss program, between meal snacks are readily available. Specific dietary requests must be made well in advance of the trip.

8. Do I need Travel Insurance?
It is always a good idea to get travel-insurance, especially when flying. The travel agent who arranges your flight can help you with this.

9. Do I need to get Inoculations?
Always check with your personal physician for advice on inoculations when traveling overseas. Center for Disease Control telephone: 800-311-3435. For information, you can also go to

10. Can I get laundry done there?
. At all of our locations; either the accommodations provide a service, or local facilities are available.

11. Do I need to bring water sterilization tablets?
. SpaFari Staff does carry sterilization tablets; however, it is recommended that you bring your own supply as well.

12. I've never done Yoga and I'm not very flexible. Is that OK?
. Our Yoga classes offer great benefit for all levels of fitness and ability. You will enjoy a good, deep stretch and learn wonderful deep-breathing techniques, which will enhance your ability to become 'centered' and focused, both facilitating detoxification, and preparing you for the day's hike.

13. I've had a recent knee surgery -- is that OK?
Always consult with your physician before undertaking any form of exercise, either strenuous or light, following any form of surgery. A good knee-brace may be appropriate, as well as a collapsible walking stick.

14. Am I allowed to drink coffee or alcohol (a glass of wine, for instance) on the trip?
For your benefit and to maximize your level of clarity and detoxification, no sugar, caffeine or alcohol is served on the trip. However, you are free to do what you want, as long as it is away from the other guests, who are wanting to cleans and stay with the program.

15. Will I be able to use the telephone/fax machine while I am there?
. Yes we are always in contact with the rest of the world-- via E-mail, telephone or fax. We recommend that you try to disassociate yourself from the stresses you left behind, you keep your outside contact down to a minimum. In doing so, you will reap the mental, physical and spiritual rewards that are awaiting you on your wonderful SpaFari.

16. Is there any particular religious affiliation with SpaFari?
SpaFari respects all Religions and philosophies -- and offer only to those who are comfortable with it: Clean Clear Spiritual Values that can be used by all. Kristina Hurrell, the owner of SpaFari, is a non-denominational Christian.

Please call our SpaFari office (970) 452-9339 should you have additional questions, or E-mail:

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