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"take a slice of paradise, some good heart-pumping hikes, a helping of Yoga, meditation and massage, healthy meals and some inspiration . . .
SpaFari is the perfect vacation to empower your life!"

About SpaFari:
Imagine, You are one of a small group of people on an adventure - one that nourishes the senses and soul as it slims
and tones the body, while you are learning about ancient cultures.
Imagine, An adventure in paradise, civilized with creature comforts one associates with fine fitness resorts.

Imagine, Mouth watering healthy cuisine prepared by our private gourmet chefs in charming local style, using the freshest, highest quality natural ingredients. Exhilarating hikes in unspoiled natural environments and other outdoor activities combined with Yoga, meditation, massage and powerfully inspiring evening programs. Guides, often indigenous, offering in-depth information on botany, geology, artistry, culture and history to enhance your experiences.

Hiking ability:
SpaFari welcomes hikers of all fitness levels and abilities: from motivated beginners to intermediate and experienced trekkers. We gear the length of our hikes and range of elevation to your personal level of fitness, so you are not feeling rushed, or held back from hiking longer distances. We often split the group into two, or three, different hikes, giving each adventurer a great workout specific to their individual ability and pace. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily stay in one group all week.

How many staff on the hikes?
One of the reasons why SpaFari is recognized as the top adventure spa (by 'A & E TOP I0 Spas & Retreats' profile) is that we have such a high ratio of staff to small groups of clients (generally around 10 clients on each trip).

Typical Days:
Begin with a Yoga/stretch and meditation class (or afternoon's depending on the weather). Following a healthy breakfast, depart for the daily 5-15-mile scenic hike (length depends on your fitness level). Hikes gradually increase in intensity and distance throughout the week, always along and up peaceful, isolated wilderness trails that often end up at historical sites. On most trips, every-other-afternoon massages are included, with additional massages and beauty treatments available. Relax in a Jacuzzi, meditate, journal, siesta, or partake in a variety of fun outside activities, (location-specific), i.e., snorkel/scuba, swim, raft, bicycle ... and often great shopping!

Location specific:
No two SpaFari vacations are alike, and each location offers a unique cultural fitness adventure: Raft down the Ayung River and participate in temple ceremonies on the island of Bali. Take a private Maasai-led Kenyan Safari originally scouted out by Ernest Hemingway, or with South African bushman, visiting their villages and handicrafts, balloon ride at sun rise. Explore prehistoric Native American ruins in Sedona and experience a medicine wheel ceremony. Ferry across Lake Como to hike the Alps and Dolomites, visit neo-classical villas and botanical gardens; Snorkel and kayak the clear turquoise waters of Bali, Kauai and Dominica; hike the Himalayas in Bhutan, attend national dance festivals and visits with monks. These are just some of the vacation packages to choose from.

Regularly offered SpaFari adventures include: Aspen, Colorado; Sedona, Arizona; Santa Barbara, California; Dominica, Caribbean; Lake Como, Umbria, and Amalfi Coast, Italy; Devonshire and Cornwall, England; Bali; Kauai, Hawaii; Kenya; Botswana, Namibia, Zambia; South Africa; Bhutan, India and New Zealand.

Additional locations can be chosen for a custom or private package for groups of six or more. These include Scotland; Greece; Costa Careyes, Mexico; Guatemala; Mallorca, Spain; Southern France; Kyoto, Japan; Thailand; Morocco; and Costa Rica. Recreation options are tailored to each location.

Healthy Cuisine:
SpaFari chefs and restaurants prepare superior natural low-fat, low-calorie meals. The philosophy is the hunter-gatherer or “Zone” diet consisting of a low-carbohydrate, uncomplicated, and natural approach to food preparation. Each delicious gourmet meal contains as many local fresh ingredients as possible and consists of mostly organic fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, organic chicken or freshly caught fish of the day. The cleansing and detoxifying meal program serves no sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. Packed lunch is eaten on the trail, while dinner is served by candlelight.
After-dinner programs:
Include inspirational wellness talks on nutrition, longevity, stress management, obtaining perfect digestion, conscious creating, and local history; a Native American sweat lodge ceremony (Sedona). A variety of evening activities (location specific) include musical events, theater, drumming or dance, cooking classes, or cultural excursions.

Ultra-comfortable and upscale accommodations are unique to each destination, and situated in a scenic and peacefuL setting. You may stay in an exotic private sanctuary in Bali, in haciendas, villas, inns and hotels, private islands, upscale jungle lodges and luxury tented camps in Africa.

Special Programs:
SpaFari also offers Ageless-Active Adventure packages for travelers over 65:
There are also teen programs as well as corporate retreats:
Form your own private group with custom itineraries
For ten more and receive a group discount: http://www.spafari.com/privatetrips.html
SpaFari gift certificates are available.

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